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Taking A Great Picture

When marketing your boutique through social media, photos of your products become the most critical aspect of your business.  You want to make sure that your products’ pictures truly represent your boutique and are an accurate representation of what your clients will receive when purchasing from you. Keep these simple tips in mind to produce a great picture.

Tip 1camera

Use the highest pixel camera you can get your hands on.  The better the camera used the clearer the picture will be.  If the only camera you have access to is on the one on your cell phone, don’t fret even these types of cameras can take great pictures.  With any camera you use, set it on high resolution for your clearest picture.  This will help you get the best picture for your boutique.

Tip 2

Use natural light.  When photographing fabrics picking up the correct color of an item is extremely important.  If you can take the picture outside in good light, you won’t have to use the flash and will end up with a more accurate color profile in the picture.  If outdoors is not an option, open a few windows to let in as much natural light as possible.

Tip 3

Keep the boutique photo simple.  Don’t clutter up the background with excess boutique merchandise.  You want your customers to focus on the item they are looking at purchasing.  Excess items will only confuse what they are actually purchasing.  This also includes using a simple sewing mannequin to display your items.  Photos will models in them will take extra time and effort to create.  The models hair and makeup will be on display and can take away from the product itself.

Tip 4

Take the picture as close as possible; making sure that it is in focus.  Most cameras have auto focus on them and I highly suggest using it.  Unless you are an excellent photographer, the auto setting on any camera will give you the best overall outcome.  Taking the photograph up close will allow you to have more options of cropping later on.  It will also show the product off better.

Tip 5

Take many many pictures.  Having lots of photos on hand of the product will give you the ability to select the best picture to post.  Take pictures of the item from the front, back, side and a very close up picture of the fabric or pattern of the cloth.  This will help insure your boutiques customer’s confidence in buying your items, because they will always know exactly what they are going to get.

Kim Funderburg (2 Posts)

Kim Funderburg is a boutique social media guru. Having owned 3 boutiques in the past she knows the in's and out's of using this new media to get sales, get clients and get results!