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Choosing A Boutique Item Of The Week

When posting a new item of the week to post on your Facebook page, you want to make sure to get the biggest bang for your buck (Whether you spent one or not.)  The object of the game is to not only get your loyal fans to purchase your products, but to have them so excited about them that they share the status with friends bringing more potential boutique customers to your page.

Make sure that when you are choosing a boutique item of the week that it is something people will want to check out.  It could be a new trend or line you are carrying, or a very vfeaturedersatile item.  You want it to be a great statement from your boutique.  So stay away from things that don’t really represent your boutique or the types of items you carry.

Most people only shop when they are buying something for an occasion.  So why not remind them of all of the occasions in their lives.  Holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries are all great shopping occasions.  You can even go one step further by giving your customers other occasions to shop for.  For instance the change of seasons can easily be turned into an occasion.  To do this, designate the week’s item as the perfect summer time tank.  For each occasion make sure the item represents the occasion accordingly.  For instance you won’t have a turtle neck be the item of the week in mid-summer and so on.

Another way to choose a great item of the week is to use a staple of your boutique.  This would be an item that goes great paired with other items or great on its own.  Make sure to mention the coordinating possibilities to draw in customers for those items.

To clear out slow moving merchandise or last season’s items use them as the item of the week with special sales attached to them. Customers come running when they see that there is sale.  Use this to your advantage. Have the sale on them for a few hours a day during the week or for the first specific amount of items sold.

Kim Funderburg (2 Posts)

Kim Funderburg is a boutique social media guru. Having owned 3 boutiques in the past she knows the in's and out's of using this new media to get sales, get clients and get results!